Friday, July 19, 2013

Chris's MotorGay Picnic and Beach Party!

When: Saturday July 20th at 12 pm
Where: Kensington Metro Park

Come to Kensington Metro park for a day at the beach and then later a picnic. We'll be at the beach starting at about 12-1 on the right side (Down by the volleyball net) then later we will move to a picnic area. I'll post the name of the picnic area on Facebook on the day (Saturday-tomorrow) I'm bringing my propane grill, so you can bring some kind of meat to grill or bring your own charcoal, they have grills in the picnic areas. Alcohol is not allowed, but I just bring cups and pour my beer in a cup. So bring cups. Bring your own food and drink and bring folding chairs to sit on. We are just going to take over an area, again I'll post the name of the picnic area that we chose on the day, but we'll be at the beach first. Tell your friends, bring your friends, this is just going to be a show up, "flash mob" picnic. Don't forget folding chairs! See you there! It is $5 per car for a day pass to the park. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Out on the town Party Pics May 2012

I'm very behind on posting pictures. This goes back a few weeks, I'm not going to bother with the dates. Menjo's, Backstreet, The Works, Gigi's, Pronto and The Gold Coast.

Read the full info at this url site Backstreet

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The best blowjob in the history of the world

     O.K. this is a true story of the best blowjob I ever received. This is more of my humorous side and it is a bit vulgar, so you have been warned. (O.K, it is a lot vulgar)

     The year was 1991 or 92, I was in Las Vegas. I was at Gypsy (Gypsy is a gay bar) and in walks this cute blonde boy who must have been about 20. He starts eying me up and down, and very quickly invites me to go with him. I'm thinking, "Vegas baby, why not?" So I go with him. We go out to his car which is a Olds Toronado about a 1986 or 87 with leather seats and a sunroof. He drives not very far to a very dark gravel road next to the airport. The area is very dark and deserted except for the lights of the runways.
     The Pet Shop Boys are playing on the radio, and he says he just wants to blow me. I'm thinking, "Cool". It is a very warm night and he has the windows open and the sunroof. He reclines my seat, undoes my pants and proceeds to go to town. This boy knows exactly what he is doing, he is bobbing up and down on me and I'm just relaxed and enjoying it. Well, after a while of this wonderful BJ, I start to get close. Suddenly, the Toronado begins to vibrate, I hear a sound like thunder. It keeps getting louder and the Toronado shakes more. My eyes are rolling back because this boy sucks better than an Electrolux. I'm looking at the stars through the sunroof, the sound is roaring now, I'm close to exploding, I moan loudly to give him a courtesy warning that I'm about to explode. He doesn't care and doubles down, going deeper and harder, I'm thinking, "This boy is going to swallow the prize!" I didn't realize it because I was a little drunk, but we were actually at the end of a runway. I scream "Jesus!" as I explode  looking at the bottom of a jumbo jet like 50 feet above our heads, the sound is deafening, It was the most mind blowing orgasm I ever had and probably ever will have.

     He drives my back to Gypsy, I stumble out of the Toronado with a big grin on my face. He says "Thank you", I say, "No, thank you!". These are the blowjobs of our lives.

Chris H.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Backstreet Update

     I have pulled the earlier post regarding Backstreet because the comments were getting way out of control. My original intent was just to report what was happening with the bar. Things were being said about the owner Tom, and I felt he should have a forum to respond to what was being said about him. In turn, a lot of mud-slinging ensued. Now it is enough. I would hope that from this point forward both sides would say nothing more about it in public. No name calling, no spreading of rumors,  no more
Facebook posts about each other, settle the matter in court. This will only result in more mud-slinging responses which I think both sides don't want to see and have probably had enough of. I will continue to report what is happening with the bar. So far as I know, it will remain open.

     Please, both sides, do not even mention each other in any public forum from this point on. Surprise! I have disabled the comments section for this post.

P.S. If the stuff starts again, I will restore the previous post including all the comments.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Out on the town Party Pics 04-19-12 - 04-21-12

Menjo's, Necto, Backstreet and The Works.

Menjo's 04-19-12

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Detroit gay bars with straight nights

     There has been a lot of talk and criticism of gay bars having straight nights. In particular, I'm talking about Menjo's and Backstreet. Certain bars have their busy nights. Thursday at Menjo's has been a busy night for decades. Backstreet has always had Saturdays. Both bars, under various owners have tried to get a second busy gay night without much success. With the internet, Gindr, exodus of gay people from Detroit, the gay bar business is tough.

     I hear people complaining that "Oh my gosh, they have a straight night" on a night when no gay people were going to that bar anyway. People expect these bars to just sit empty six nights a week? You can't pay the bills on one busy night. I love both of these bars and want to continue to go to my fun Thursdays at Menjo's and my fun Saturdays at Backstreet. The simple fact is, neither bar can serve us on our favorite nights without having some other business on nights when we are not there. This will be true no matter who owns or manages them now or in the future.

     If you owned either one of these bars would you let them sit empty six nights a week? Necto has had a mix of gay/straight nights for decades and nobody complains about that. I remember when Temple in Ferndale which was owned by the boys from Pronto had a straight night, some people got all in a tissy and swore they would stop going there. We are not Chicago, we are Detroit, the gay community is just not large enough right now to keep gay bars busy seven nights a week.  I love both of these bars, they hold many fond memories for me and I want to see them both continue and thrive. There has been a lot of drama regarding Backstreet in the last few days, hopefully they can settle their differences in court and not in public.   

     I like a good dance bar, both are good dance bars. If we begrudge either one for having straight nights when we are not there anyway, they both would go out of business and we would have no place to go to.

     People say "Detroit sucks, I'm moving away" or "The scene in Detroit sucks, I'm staying home" You want Detroit to be fun like Chicago? Stop staying home and go out! If people stopped complaining and went out, the bars would be a lot more fun. Turn your damn Grindr off with the fake blurry picture and meet humans in the flesh. As far as the bars go, they need to give us a reason to go, like good dance music which both bars had a long history of. Something that has been lacking at both bars in my humble opinion. You are welcome to disagree with me, comment away....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Backstreet Not Closed!


  UPDATE: Backstreet is not closing! Apparently there was some dispute between Moses and Murray and Moses is taking back control of the bar and is going to continue to run it as Backstreet. According to my source "Backstreet will continue to be open and will be better than ever." It WILL be open this Saturday.

So basically the management is just changing. I'm happy because I love this bar. I'm not taking sides in this, I just want to see a thriving gay nightlife in Detroit. I don't know exactly what the dispute was about, I want to stay out of it. I continue to support Menjo's, I think they are doing a fine job there. Backstreet and Menjo's are two of my favorite bars and I want to see them both continue and thrive in the future. As far as the personalities involved, both have been kind to me and I'm remaining neutral like Switzerland!