Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Midtown Detroit Booster

      My friend Jeff Cowin is one busy guy. A little more than a year ago he bought a big house on  that was a foreclosure and needed a lot of work. He fixed that house up and moved in. Since then he bought another one just down the street that was in even worse shape and has been working like a mad man to fix it up. He already has renters waiting for it to be finished. This is the house behind him in the photo. Jeff is a midtown nut, he is always telling me about new and cool things happening in midtown. He has other rental properties in midtown as well.

      If that wasn't enough to keep a guy busy, Jeff is also a BMW mechanic, he worked for a local BMW dealership for about 12 years and now works for himself fixing almost exclusively BMW's. His phone is always ringing with people needing to get their BMW's repaired. Jeff is the kind of person that midtown is attracting these days, highly engaged in his community and determined to see it thrive. I've long had my own doubts about the recovery of Detroit, but I'm really seeing that the midtown to downtown corridor is the place that is gentrifying. Oh, I used that word, Gentrification! It is a word that can stir up controversy and heated discussion. But lets face it, it is what Detroit needs.

      The shear excitement of the renovation of the  and other properties in the downtown/midtown area is creating a lot of buzz about Detroit. There is actual new construction happening in midtown, a new building called  located at the corner of Cass Avenue and West Canfield is almost finished. It will be home to  new store . Now some of you know I'm a gay bar aficionado, I would love to see a large gay dance bar in midtown. We'll see what the future holds, but I'm optimistic about Detroit like I've never been before, finally after all these years it is happening.

      One final note about Jeff, if you need your BMW fixed, you can contact him at jeffcowin58@gmail.com. Also, I know, he is one handsome bloke, he has a boyfriend, so don't get any ideas!

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