Monday, February 13, 2012


     It always amazes me when I meet people from Detroit who have never been to Saugatuck. Myself and my friends have been going there for years. In fact, to me it is one of the rights of summer. It is something that is not to be missed every summer. I know what you're thinking, "Isn't that the place with all the wild sex orgies?" The answer is yes and no. There is some wild stuff that goes on, but you don't have to partake in such things if you don't want to. Saugatuck is so, so much more than that. Saugatuck is located on Michigan's western shore just south of Holland. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Detroit. There are actually two little cities where all the action is at, Saugatuck and Douglas. Many people call it "The Provincetown of the mid-west." Downtown Saugatuck is located on a harbor from lake Michigan. It has a marina on most of one side of the city. It is fun to walk up and down and look at the boats. It also has many great restaurants. Some of our favorites are ,  and .

     It would not be summer without a visit to a great beach right? Saugatuck has Oval beach which has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in north America. One of the things I personally love about it is, because it is on the western shore and the sun sets in the west, the sunsets are breathtaking.


     The "Dunes" as it is known is the only gay bar in Saugatuck (It is actually located in Douglas). The Dunes is a resort. They have a outdoor pool with a bar. They usually have a DJ playing music on the weekends. They have rooms, little cottages and even some houses for rent. They have stuff for most budgets including "The Dunes Rooms" for the budget restrained. The Dunes rooms are little rooms that share a common bathroom and showers. They rent for pretty cheap. Unfortunately,  the Dunes bar is 21+ only. I think you are allowed to be at the pool if you are under 21 but not inside the bar. If you are under 21 you can always stay at the gay campground for very cheap and go tent camping. The camp ground is called and has it's own outdoor pool. I have stayed at both places as well as some other motels in the area. You can find accommodations no matter what your budget is. The owners and staff at the Dunes are just wonderful, I've have gotten to know them over the years and they treat you like family.

     My personal favorite weekend has to be the 4th of July. It is very busy and just so damn much fun. There used to be something called "The Farm Party" This guy owned a large farm not far from town and had these huge after parties on his farm. I mean these parties were legendary. I think they drew more people, I wish the owners of the Dunes would do something to replace the old farm parties. Check out the website because they have special weekends throughout the summer. The Marti Gras weekend is also popular. One of the things myself and my friends always say about our trips to Saugatuck is that it is so relaxing and we forget about work and we always hate having to go home.

Here is a little video I made a few years back:

I can't wait for summer...........


  1. Anonymous

    Saugatuck is is Douglas, and my little town just south- Glenn, with half the businesses being gay owned.
    From the motor city, love the motor city, coming back to the motor city.

  2. Saugatuck / Douglas is not as gay as it used to be. We recently moved out and up to Whitehall which is rapidly becoming the new Saugatuck! Saug /Doug has gone to the straights! Families with small children crowding the streets on weekends. It had to happen someday!

    If you're thinking about hanging out nude at Oval Beach, forget about it! "Decency" is strictly enforced there these days. In Whitehall, the beach East of the now closed Old Channel Inn on Ferry is a great nude beach. You can park on the road and walk on over. There's talk of setting up a porta-potti at the end of Ferry.