Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old Riverfront

     I was looking at an old map of Detroit from 1887 and saw something interesting. There was a rail yard on the riverfront called the Michigan Central depot. If you compare the Google earth photo from today you can see where the rail line used to be and the yard. Look at the green arrow in the photo, that is where the rail line goes into the tunnel to Canada. Before the tunnel was built the line went to the rail yard. You can even see that old building on Fort St. has an angle to it because the tracks went by to the yard. Just west out of the photo is the Michigan Central building, which was not yet built in 1887 of course. The green space is where this old yard used to be.

Click to enlarge the photo


  1. Anonymous

    That green arrow is not the end of the rail line. That is where the line enters the tunnel that goes under the river and into Canada. It is still in use today.

  2. Yes, you are right. But, you can see where the tracks used to be going to the rail yard before the tunnel was built. There is even an old building of Fort st which is angled so the tracks could pass by. Good catch, I didn't realize that was the tunnel.