MotorGay's Guide to Detroit's gay clubs and bars

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This is my gay bar/club guide for Detroit, Ferndale, Royal Oak and other locales.

Note: If link is click-able, it will take you to the club/bar's website.

- Pronto is a restaurant and video bar located at 608 Washington in downtown Royal Oak. The video bar is quite popular and is busy a lot of nights. Wednesdays are a popular Karaoke night. Thurs, Fri and Sat nights are also pretty busy. They have a truly huge patio in the summer time. Crowd is a little on the middle aged side, but mixed.

- Soho is also a kind of a video bar located in Ferndale at 205 W Nine Mile in downtown Ferndale. They have video screens but the music doesn't match the videos? It is a cool, relaxed little bar with a front and rear patio. Very mixed crowd, a lot Ferndale people.

  - Menjo's is one of Detroit's oldest and storied gay clubs. It is a dance bar with a decent sized dance floor. Madonna used to go to Menjo's. It is one of my personal favorite bars. They have a really cool patio which was recently remodeled. You can read more about Menjos's history .

- Backstreet is also one of Detroit's oldest gay dance clubs. It is one of the largest. The crowd is young, but mixed. The bar was recently remodeled. Saturday nights are the night. You can read about the history of the bar .

Club Gold Coast - The Gold Coast is located at 2971 E 7 Mile in Detroit. It is a male stripper bar. Mixed crowd, young and old. You can read about the history of the bar

- The Malebox is a cool little bar that is now located in Warren. It used to on 7 Mile in Detroit, that is why it is called "2' now. They have karaoke nights, and other fun stuff. Bill the owner is a great guy. The link takes you to the Facebook page.

- Gigi's is located on Warren Ave in Detroit. It is a dance bar with drag shows downstairs. Monday nights are popular. You can read about the history of Gigi's 

- The Works is located on the corner of Michigan and Rosa Parks in Detroit. It is mixed gay/straight. They have a lot of house-techno nights. Also, after-hours

- The Necto is located in downtown Ann Arbor. It is gay on Tues and Fri nights. Friday night DJ Jace spins (I think he is one of the best DJs in the area) Quite crowded on Friday nights. Young crowd but all ages are welcome.

- The Aut Bar is located in downtown Ann Arbor. It is a restaurant and bar. (No dancing) It is a casual relaxed bar with a pool table and mixed age crowd.

- The R & R is located on Michigan Ave in Detroit. It is a leather/mixed bar with after-hours.

- The Hayloft is located in Detroit on Greenfield. It is a leather/bear/older crowd.

- The Rainbow Room is located on 8 Mile Rd in Detroit. Dance on some nights. Mostly drag shows.

- The Liberty bar is located in Pontiac. It is a dance bar and they have food also.

The Woodward - The Woodward is Detroit's oldest gay bar. It is now mostly an African American crowd. The bar has a lot of history, you can read about it

Club Innuendo- Innuendo is located on the service drive to I-75 just south of 7 Mile. (Southbound service drive) African American crowd.

If I have forgotten to list your bar, let me know, it is not on purpose.

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